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Аre you going to take part in chinchilla show with your pet to get a mark from the experts? Do you want to be the best in this show?
So then, you have to prepare your pet seriously.
It`s not enough to buy the high quality animal, you should save this quality or even make your chinchilla look more beautiful.
Good grooming and a proper preparation - that`s all that leads to the great sucsess on the show.
An expert will always appreciate a well-prepared pet.
You should begin the preparation 90 days before the show.
Firstly, the pet that you want to take to the exhibition might live in a special cage, separated from other chinchillas. When chinchillas live together, they can sleep one on another, they can fight or even pee on each other, that all is bad for appearance of an animal. So that`s why you need to place your chinchilla in a separate cage. This cage must not have any sawdust on the trellised floor - it can help to avoid dirty chinchilla`s belly. You must not put anything colorful in the cage - colorful hammocks, toys, minerals for teeth, because all these things can colour the fur of chinchilla. You should not squeeze your pet because your hands can not be ideally clean so if you touch the fur of your chinchilla, you сan damage it - an expert will notice that immediately.
Being out of the cage in a period of preparation to the exhibition is undesirable because your pet can be frightened by something and dump his fur, after what сhinchilla will have a place of skin without hair. Also an animal can find a dusty place and make himself dirty, and many other situations that can happen will make your chinchilla`s appearrance bad.
You should sand bath your chinchilla every day in this period because the pet must clean his fur. The sand should not shine, because it can prevent an estimation of chinchilla`s colour. Many things depend on the quality of sand - it should not be very small and it should not pain the fur. You should stob sandbathing 2 days before the show. The fur of chinchilla should not contain any grains of sand during the estimation. You should start combing out your pet 60-50 days before the show. There are not many pets that like this procedure, espesially the first time, but you have to do this. Maybe after some time, this will be a great pleasure for your chinchilla. You need to have at minimum 2 hairbrushes (The first one should have rare teeths and another one - small distance between teeths and pointed ends.) and a sticky platen for cleaning of clothes from wool (It should not be very sticky-try to clean something, for example, your clothes, before using it, or it can stick to the animal).
At first time, you should make everything very accurately not to pull out chinchilla`s fur or not to make your future winner very nervous. Firstly you should use a hairbrush with a wide distance between teeths that can help to get rid of fur shreds. It is nesessary to hold your chinchilla for the basis of the tail and to comb against the fur, from tail to head. Movements should be short and twisting the fur up. After that you need to comb out an underfur, it can be made only with a hairbrush with very small distances between teeths with pointed ends. You should be very (!) accurate not to scratch the skin of your pet and not to hurt it; be extra сareful on head and belly areas. It is nesessary to comb out the whole animal - from his nose tip to tail. If you are combing out your chinchilla at a first time, you will comb out a lot of down - it`s normal, because after that the new, fresh underfur will start to grow, so don`t be frightened. After the procedure, use the sticky platen to remove all useless hair and alloe your pet to take a sandbath. After all this, you will notice how have been chanched the appearrance of your chinchilla, the fur will lie like "a hat" and begin to shine.
You should comb your chinchilla many times before the exhibition, but intensive combing should be stopped 30 days before it, or the new underfur will not grow in time.
The judge can give a correct estimation only to well prepared fur. If you made a correct peexhibition preparation, it will be not shame for you to show your chinchilla to people, and both judge and visitors will notice that your pet looks well.
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